Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hollywood Movies Based On Nice Stories

Hollywood movies cannot be separated from the stories. Only that movie makes good progress in the Hollywood industry which is made from nice stories. Actually, filmmakers want to collect the best stories from all around the world. Later, they use these stories to make a fabulous film for the spectators. Good understanding of stories and experience is required to take a proper decision regarding making a film. Hollywood movies are watched all around the world. That’s why no filmmaker can opt for an uninteresting story.

There is no restriction on choosing the stories for the Hollywood films. A story can be from any region or culture of the world, if attention-grabbing. Hollywood movies that are based on the famous stories can make good standing in the film industry. One biggest advantage of making movies from existing stories is the saving of time. A director can save a lot of time by selecting a brief but comprehensive story for his/her upcoming movie. In this way, time wastage can be minimized at the time of starting the production. On the other hand, producers may have to face multiple unfavorable consequences due to unavailability of a good story.

Big producers never compromise on selecting the right kind of story for any specific picture. Many Hollywood movies reflect the famous comic stories. You can take an example of the Spiderman. This comic story is overwhelmed over the Hollywood industry. The spider man is going for its third sequel. Title of the movie is “The Amazing Spider man”. Similarly, several other pictures also come from different existing popular stories.

I would like to summarize the Hollywood movie story sources for you. Well, there are only three basic sources Hollywood movies come from. These three important sources are the plays, novels and comic stories. Some television shows get great popularity among the world’s audience. Therefore, the producers do not hesitate in making a movie based on such shows. Likewise, Kafka was a famous writer whose stories brought about a great revolution in the Hollywood industry. The masterpiece was one of the outstanding movies written by Kafka.

In today’s world, the Hollywood movies are made by focusing on the future happenings, technology and science fictions. However, there are very few producers who try to work on making a historical film. The Hollywood history is the witness of many successful movies. You can enjoy the best entertainment by watching any of the historical films of the Hollywood. They would surely provide you unleashed entertainment. The O Henry is another name in the American history who wrote several fabulous stories. He was one of the most curious story writers. The short stories could not be used for making a film having a run time of two hours. That’s why producers focused only on those stories that were comprehensive and captivating.

The expert story writers never overlook the immense importance of excitement aspects while writing for any Hollywood movie. I must say that the success of Hollywood movie largely depends upon the story on which that movie was made. So, a story always plays a vital role in making a Hollywood movie a big success for the filmmaker and audience too.


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